This site is provided by parents to educate you on the serious issues Texas faces and provide you a easy cost free method to send a letter to your congressman and senator. If you like the service please take a moment to donate to help cover the cost of postage and thanks for voicing your opinion.

Representative Ron Reynolds
We handed out letters personally to each elected official. Here is Ron Reynolds holding his 2 day batch. Over 3,000 letters and counting.

Community Now Rally
See and hear from elected officials at the Community Now Rally.

Our Testimony at House Session
Hear two parents (authors of this site) discuss the challenges these budget cuts present and how it will cost more in tax dollars.

Hear Children Testify on Cuts
What 2 siblings are concerned about with the cuts the 82nd legislature is looking to make.

"It is terrifying to think about putting these kids in an institution".
These kids could be home with families and saving upwards of $130,000, but these cuts could force more kids into institutions

We have it written and we will send it, just click. (need letter help)
Time is getting short call or email your reps today and make sure they know where you stand. Here is a list of their numbers and email.
If you want find your reps manually or write a seperate letter this is a start..


They’ve forsworn taxes
many of them, but they also promised to educate kids, to build roads, to care for the needy and to do all of those things government is expected to do.

When polled Texans oppose specific cuts
82% oppose cuts to education
87% oppose cuts to childrens health
86% oppose cuts to Medicaid
90% oppose cuts to Home Nursing

Texas is "On the Brink"
How Texas Ranks:
-People covered by Medicaid (49th)
-Spending on mental health (50th)
-Employer health insurance (48th)
-Uninsured children (1st)
-Children living in poverty (4th)
-Population uninsured (1st)
-Population below poverty (4th)

Public Schools Prepare for 'Perfect Fiscal Storm'
As the Texas Legislature convenes its 82nd Session this week, one looming issue overshadows all others: the budget shortfall..

Onslaught of Emotional Testimony.
Health Care Advocates Offer Emotional Pleas. From patients to practioners....

2011 Budget Shortfall
Senators get strong message on health funds...

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Thank you to all the organizations that are supporting and advocating on our behalf!